Rather than on a lab workbench, or inside a computer program, much of the development of BC Audio products takes place in the context of a real band’s live shows and full-volume rehearsals using specially outfitted prototypes to swap parts on the fly.

Why? So you can be confident that your BC Audio amp will sound great where it matters: at the gig.

BC Audio boutique guitar tube amp gig gigging guitar player Sunset Strip Built for the gig,  born at the gig.

Ammo can test mule at a gig on the Sunset Strip, 2008

“One of the best sounding compact and moderately- powered rigs we have ever reviewed.”                                                                      - The ToneQuest Report

An entire line of all-tube guitar amps... and not a single 12AX7 in sight? YES!

Every BC Audio amp features 6SL7GT preamp tubes. These octal (8-pin) tubes have a very power-tube-like sound. If you know how power tube breakup sounds, you will recognize that crunch in these amps.

Big Bottles, Big Tone. Look, Ma! No boards!

True point-to-point wiring delivers a compact and physically direct signal path that no board-based amp can match.

Hear and feel the clarity you’ve been missing.

BC Audio boutique guitar tube amp guts true point to point
“Breathtaking!”                       - Guitar Player
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hand-made  all-tube  non-clone  guitar amps

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hand-made  all-tube  non-clone  guitar amps

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BC Audio builds hand-made all-tube non-clone guitar amps. Recipient of Guitar Player's EDITORS' PICK AWARD and Premier Guitar's PREMIER GEAR AWARD. BC Audio was founded by award-winning guitarist Bruce Clement, who has been wielding a soldering iron since the late 1970s. BC Audio products are proudly made in the USA. BC Audio is based in San Francisco, California.

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