50w Master Lead

Amplifier No. 10-Mk.II is a highly flexible single-channel amp, with two independent footswith-activated boosts - Gain Boost and Volume Boost. The tone controls are placed early in the circuit to tailor your guitar's sound before distortion.

Like all BC Audio amps, Amplifier No. 10 is meticulously hand crafted in true point-to-point fashion, and employs 6SL7GT octal preamp tubes for their rich, warm tone and power-tube-like breakup.


● 100% All-tube signal path
● True point-to-point wiring
● 2x EL34 power tubes
● 4x 6SL7GT octal preamp tubes
● Variable footswitch-activated Gain Boost
● Variable footswitch-activated Volume Boost
● 3-band EQ
● Presence and Depth
● Tube buffered effects loop with Send and Return Levels
● Individual Output Tube Bias
● Impedance selector for 4, 8 or 16 ohm speaker
● 120/240VAC Line Voltage Switch


Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 2A or 240VAC, 50-60 Hz, 1A (wired for your region)
Size (H x W x D): 9.5” x 26” x 8.75”
Weight: 34 lbs

● Amplifier
● Dual Footswitch
● Hospital Grade Power Cord
● Printed Owner’s Manual


How to order


Accessories ship free when purchased with an amplifier.
Tube sets are fully tested an burned in.


High quality 3/8” foam, soft cloth backing


4x 6SL7GT + EL34 Matched Pair

Video courtesy of Scott Sill of the Flo Guitar Enthusiasts


Vintage Guitar August 2015
By Pet Prown

“It sports fresh features in a crowded ‘boutique’ market.

The footswitch puts four significantly different tone settings at the ready, making the No. 10 Mk. II akin to a four channel head.

The cleans were huge and full with just enough grit.

…monstrous blues-rock hues that would make Paul Kossoff smile.

The reactiveness of this amp was amazing. We could dial in the exact nuance of desired drive and the amp responded.

We pushed everything to the limit and were rewarded with heavenly hard rock and metal sounds, again with the emphasis on fat, broad guitar tone – no thin, brittle flavors, just earthshaking guitar tones.

Throughout testing, the BC Audio Amplifier No. 10 Mk. II proved outstanding. From the superb build quality to the stunning array of tones inside, it’s a top-end tone tool any guitarist would love to own.

With gear of this caliber, price isn’t the point. If you’re looking for a new guitar head in the “best of the best” category, check out this BC Audio model. It’s a serious contender.”


Premier Guitar March 2015
By Jordan Wagner

“The No. 10 dishes tones with the muscle of a finely tuned late-’60s Shelby Mustang.

I was floored by how lively and full the amp’s clean tones sounded... I relished the sparkling harmonics of clean arpeggios and clean-toned Keith Richards-style riffing.

The No. 10’s tones hit me in the chest more strongly than anticipated. The amp’s delivery simply feels more powerful than equivalent amps with 12AX7s.

The amp was far louder than most 50-watters I’ve encountered.

The drive’s grittiness advanced and retreated with a response similar to a fully cranked vintage non-master volume amp.

BC Audio’s mighty No. 10 Mk. II delivers voluptuous tones, chest-caving power, and fantastic responsiveness.

The build couldn’t be more rugged.

The No. 10 is truly a force to be reckoned with.”


Guitar Player February 2015
By Art Thompson

“Kudos: Masterful build quality. Wide range of potent overdriven tones.

The build quality is impressive throughout, and is especially evident in the hand-wired circuitry, which features true point-to-point construction (no eyelet or turret board), super neat wire runs, and chassis-mounted pots, jacks, switches, and tube sockets.

…it’s a sweet looking rig to say the least.

…muscular sound at all volumes.

…excels for distorted rhythm and lead tones, and without the need for OD or boost pedals.

Getting the 6SL7s and EL34s cooking together is definitely the recipe for badass tones...

All considered, and given its excellent build quality and reasonable price, the Amplifier No. 10-Mk II should be at the top of your list if you’re shopping in the boutique section of the rock amp market.”


ToneQuest Report November 2014

“If you like to rock, you can’t do better than BC Audio, period.

We think you should seriously consider an amp built by Bruce Clement. You certainly won’t have heard anything like it, and that’s an iron-clad guarantee.

Five minutes with [Amplifier No. 9] and you will be walking around the room wondering how you missed this tone all your life. Well, ya did. Get over it.

Amplifier No. 10 is a formidable performance amp, powerful and rich with a tactile feel that is absolutely unequalled. all of Clement’s amps, they bring out the very best in your guitars and your technique. In this regard Clement’s amps are entirely unique and completely manageable for any situation, from quiet listening rooms to outdoor stages. Simply put, you need a BC Audio rig.”


BC Audio

San Francisco


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